Affordable Kentucky Pet Crematory LLC

❤🙏Forever In Our Hearts and Memories❤🙏
❤🙏Always In Our Thoughts and Memories❤🙏

We Serve Pet Customers with Affordable, Caring Compassionate Pet Cremation Services.

Located at 507 Blue Sky Parkway

Lexington Ky 40509

We are On Call 24/7. 365 Days a Year. Call Us @ 859 333 9775.

We Offer Curbside Pet Check In, if the pet owner has mobility needs, Just ask, we are here to help.

We are here in your time of need.

We Offer Pet Pick up and Delivery

Services Start at $62.00

Obtain 10 percent Discount. Bring Work Related I.D. Inquire at pet check in Offering Pet Owners Discounts For Senior Citizens, Veterans, First Resonders, Fire Dept, Police, EMTs, Hospital and Clinic Staff, Vet Clinics, Animal Shelters, Rescues, Mechanics.

Thanks for calling us to prepare your pets service.♥️

Here To Serve You and Your Pet In Your Time of Need.

On Call 24/7. 365 Days Text or Call Anytime 859 333 9775 ✝️🙏♥️

Affordable, Simple, Compassionate Pet Services

We as Pet Owners of 42 Years Understand The Pain and Sorrow of Losing a Family Pet Companion.

Offering Private Pet Services.

Pet owners may bring in pictures of their Pet Companion.






859 333 9775

Thanks For Visiting Affordable Kentucky Pet Crematoryllc

We Are Serving Pet Owners with Affordable, Compassionate, Caring Pet Cremation Services.

Located At 507 Blue Sky Parkway

Lexington Ky 40509

ON call 24/7. 365 Days a Year

Reach us at

859 333-9775 Please leave your name and phone number and name of your pet if we are with another pet customer planing a pet services

We appreciate your call and will be back in touch with you right away to help plan your beloved pet service

Here For You In Your Time Of Need

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